Saturday, 28 November 2020

Bangladesh–Senegal relations


Bangladesh-Senegal relations are bilateral relations between Bangladesh and Senegal . Senegal was the first African country to recognize independent Bangladesh after the war of liberation in 1971 . Although there is a Bangladeshi embassy in Dakar, there is no Senegalese ambassador to Bangladesh. Relations between the two states are warm and both agree to further strengthen these ties.

Cooperation in international forums 

In 2003, Senegal supported the Secretary-General of Bangladesh in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation

Economic cooperation 

Both Bangladesh and Senegal have expressed mutual interest in advancing bilateral economic activities and have taken necessary steps to this end. Senegal is interested in investing in important sectors of Bangladesh. Ceramics, medicines, readymade garments, jute and leather goods made in Bangladesh are highly valued in the Senegalese market. In addition, Bangladesh has called upon Senegal to mobilize skilled manpower who can play a significant role in the development of Senegal's socio-economic sector.  

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