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Bangladesh–Mauritius relations


Bangladesh-Mauritius relations are bilateral relations between Bangladesh and Mauritius .


On 20 February 1972, Mauritius recognized Bangladesh.

High-level visits 

In 1978, Sir Siwasagur Ramgulam, the former Prime Minister of Mauritius, paid an official visit to Dhaka . Former Foreign Minister of Mauritius Joy Krishna Katare visited Dhaka in 2005 .  009 former Foreign Minister of Bangladesh Dipu Moni in Port Louis, Mauritius Prime Minister Navinchandra Ramgoolam , Deputy Prime Minister Ramakrishna sithanen , Finance and Economic Development Minister Jean-Francois caumiyere , Labor and International Relations and karma mantri dharamabira Gokul and others met with the person. 

Cooperation in education 

Mauritius has sought Bangladesh's help in the field of education. Mauritius has requested its students to enter higher education in Bangladesh. 

Economic cooperation 

Bangladesh and Mauritius have focused on increasing bilateral economic cooperation. In 2013, a five-member delegation led by former Commerce Minister GM Quader visited Mauritius to negotiate a trade deal with them. Bangladeshi textiles and handicrafts are gaining popularity in the Mauritius market. Mauritius is also a good destination for recruiting human resources in Bangladesh.  In 2005, Bangladesh signed a memorandum of understanding with Mauritius on human resource exports. 

Bangladeshi expatriates 

As of 2013, there are about 10,000 Bangladeshi expatriates living in Mauritius. 

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