Saturday, 28 November 2020

Bangladesh–Liberia relations


Bangladesh-Liberia relations are bilateral relations between Bangladesh and Liberia . No country has a permanent ambassador to each other.

The contribution to the UN peacekeeping mission 

Bangladeshi peacekeepers have been working in Liberia for the UN mission since 2003 . Peacekeepers are also providing free medical assistance to Liberians. Bangladeshi peacekeepers train Liberians to build a skilled Liberian population for the development of sectors such as computer / IT, clothing manufacturing, generator repair and management. Bangladeshi engineers have also been working in Liberia on construction, repair and infrastructure.  In 2006, Bangladeshi peacekeepers built a leisure facility called "Bangladesh Square". In addition to vocational training, the town also has sports facilities for children.  Peacekeepers have been providing medical assistance to more than 5,000 Liberians. 


Liberian security officials alleged that Bangladeshi UNMIL, working at the Logatuo border, took away two generators and a water treatment plant from them in May 2013. They also allege that peacekeepers demolished an infrastructure containing 20 UNMILs and handed over everything in its building to Muslims near the border. They accused the Bangladeshi peacekeepers of treating their fellow Muslims one-eyed.  

Liberia's social development 

Several Bangladeshi NGOs, including BRAC, are working in Liberia. These are mainly working on micro credit , poultry farms, livestock farming, rural development .  

Trade and investment 

In 2011, a Bangladeshi delegation visited Liberia to discuss new areas for trade and investment expansion. The Export Promotion Bureau of Bangladesh reported that the Liberian public and private sectors around 3 million US dollars to invest. Bangladeshi investors have also expressed interest in opening a pharmaceutical company in Liberia that will create jobs in Liberia.  

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