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Bangladeshi intelligence community


Bangladeshi intelligence agencies is the multiple intelligence of a group of foreign relations and the Responsible for conducting intelligence gathering activities deemed necessary for other activities required for national security. Members of the Bangladesh Intelligence Community include the military intelligence of the Bangladesh Army, Navy  , Air Force , NSI and the Civil Intelligence and Analysis Office within the Ministry of Home Affairs  . Each intelligence agency headed by the IC has a director who reports to the Prime Minister of Bangladesh. The organization and structure of the modern Bangladesh intelligence community has continued to build their structure from the agency even after independence from Pakistan. Bangladesh Intelligence Agencies Today are the National Security Intelligence Agency , Special Branch of Bangladesh Police , Army Intelligence Agency, Air Force Intelligence Agency, Naval Intelligence Agency and Directorate General of Defense Intelligence (DGFI). During the Bangladesh War of Independence in 1971, the Bangladesh Army of 11 Mukti Bahini Sectors formed an intelligence network within their guerrilla warfare organizations which provided the necessary local intelligence to these sectors. However, the personnel of the intelligence agencies have been recruited and trained from the specific agencies and are still continuing.Among their various responsibilities, community members collect and produce foreign and domestic artifacts, contribute to military planning, and carry out espionage.

National Security Intelligence 

The National Security Intelligence Agency, also known as the National Security Intelligence Directorate-General, is the primary intelligence agency for internal security (including internal political matters) and foreign intelligence and counter-terrorism. Although different from the Bangladesh military, it is sometimes led by a retired senior military officer.  Although separate from the Bangladesh military , it is sometimes led by a retired senior military officer. It reports directly from the Prime Minister's Office .

Directorate General of Forces Intelligence 

The Directorate General of Defense Intelligence (DGFI) is the main military intelligence agency, responsible for gathering intelligence for all military purposes. [3] The DGFI also includes subdivisions serving the Bangladesh Army , Bangladesh Navy and Bangladesh Air Force in particular, but the agency is separate and integrated in all military intelligence activities. It is also responsible for polishing the ranks among the services in the light of the history of Bangladesh.

Special Branch 

The Special Branch (SB) of Bangladesh Police is the first intelligence agency in the country. The main responsibilities of this branch are to register and control foreigners, to acquire any necessary intelligence from the government, to play the role of verification, to provide protection to VIPs and VVIPs, to gather intelligence, to control immigration, etc. It is the only intelligence agency in Bangladesh that operates at all strategic, operational and tactical levels. It reports directly to the Ministry of Home Affairs of Bangladesh.

Police Bureau of Investigation 

Police Bureau of Investigation is a specialized unit of Bangladesh Police . It was formed on September 16, 2012 to investigate "sensational" and difficult cases. 

Criminal Investigation Department 

CID is a specialized branch of Bangladesh Police. It also provides forensic assistance in investigating crimes, including terrorism, murder and organized crime.  

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