Saturday, 28 November 2020

Bangladesh–Haiti relations


Bangladesh-Haiti relations are bilateral relations between Bangladesh and Haiti . The contribution of Bangladeshi peacekeepers in Haiti has greatly affected the relations between the two countries. In addition, Bangladeshi NGOs and other organizations have been conducting their activities for the social development of Haiti. In recent times, there have been cultural exchanges between the two countries in some sectors, including sports.

Bangladeshi peacekeepers contributions 

Bangladeshi peacekeepers are always active in maintaining peace and order in Haiti.  For the first time in 2004, Bangladeshi peacekeepers began operating in Haiti as part of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti . In 2010, Haiti became the first country to receive all female police contingents from Bangladesh.In 2012, officers from the Bangladesh Police Unit received a United Nations Medal for their contribution to maintaining peace and order in Haiti. 

Social development 

Some Bangladesh-based NGOs are working in Haiti. The most well-known of these is BRAC, which has been working on microfinance , agricultural development, women and employment. 

The Bangladesh-based International Center for Diarrhea Disease Research is sending experts to Haiti to find out the cause of the epidemic and how to get rid of it.

Humanitarian aid 

After the 2010 earthquake , the Bangladesh government sent a medical team from the Ministry of Health to Haiti.  The team consisted of a total of 20 physicians and 10 health instructors. 

Cultural exchange 

Hierian footballers Soni Norde and Pascal Million have played for Bangladeshi football clubs. 

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