Wednesday, 2 September 2020

3 Sentenced to Death for Rape in Bangladesh

In a landmark verdict, a Bangladeshi court has sentenced three young men to death for raping a young doctor in Rajbari 2018. Rana Mollah (26), Mamun Mollah (22), and Hasan Sardar (28) were sentenced to death. 


According to court documents and case statements, the girl left Dhaka for Gopalganj on February 23, 2018, to go home. He was waiting for the bus when he reached the Goalanda corner of Rajbari.

 The driver Rana Mollah took the girl in an autorickshaw saying that he would catch the bus around 7 pm. There were two more young people in that autorickshaw. Later, the girl was taken down in a secluded place and raped by three persons including the driver. They even called four more people on their cell phones. They also raped the girl. The next morning, the young woman informed the Faridpur RAB camp. On the same day, RAB arrested three accused youths. Later they were handed over to Rajbari Sadar Police Station

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